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Standards Compliance

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply concentrate on running your business, maximising sales, getting a return for all of the hours you put in?

Sadly, there is a lot to do for a business which amounts to a very large overhead of time and a great example of this falls under the heading of COMPLIANCE.

Not only must you make every effort to run your business efficiently, you must also be seen to be doing so, and prove it to various official bodies.
Examples of this include -credit card payment audits – PCI DSS, Quality Assurance, ISO 9000, Lexcel Law society accreditation for solicitors, to name but a few.

Generally each of these standards and their corresponding audits include questions which the average business owner will easily answer, some which they will struggle to answer, and some which they have no hope of answering without technical help.

That’s where we come in!

We have years of experience in dealing with the IT questions posed by such standards.  An initial consultation is free of charge – book an appointment here.