Network services

  • Network services

Network that works!

Connecting your IT equipment together, and with the WWW, can be a real challenge,  especially if you have –

  • scattered buildings
  • thick, stone walls
  • interference from other systems
  • cabling headaches
  • router headaches
  • poor broadband service

Ask us for advice – we have lots of experience of finding effective solutions for all these scenarios and more.

Too much time looking at the “egg timer”?

Network auditing

Do you experience slowness with your network or annoying glitches and dropouts in service with the internet, video links, VoIP calls, or dictations?  Businesses often have the latest PC hardware but struggle on with a network which groans at the seams and labours with numerous bottlenecks.

The answer is a network audit. We carry out a full investigation of your network infrastructure and monitor the traffic flow over an extended period, using sophisticated software. We then analyse the results and report back to you on the culprits in your network problems, and work with you on developing a cost-effective strategy for addressing the problems.

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