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Software for business –

Beyond the Office basics – tools to fit the task

Getting your software to really work for you is not as easy as it might at first appear. Sadly most of us are all too used to the experience of trying to shoehorn the way we want to work into the too-rigid framework offered by software products.

We have many years of experience in both supplying software solutions and developing them from scratch. Either way, our approach is to start with your requirements; the process is led from there. We will never try and make you fit the software – always the other way around.

We have particular expertise in the following lines of software:

  • Mail server software
  • Case management
  • Loan/Mortgage management
  • Real-time control systems – Arduino based
  • Web development of all kinds

A few examples of 3rd party software we supply:

  • ESET antivirus and security
  • GFI monitoring and patch management
  • Mail server and mail security
  • BackupAssist backup and restore
  • Microsoft Office suite

Having been around for a long time we have experience with non-Microsoft operating systems so if you are interested in getting involved in the open-source world of UNIX then we can help you there too. A few of us have been in the game long enough to tell you that a VAX is not just for cleaning!

Ask us, we’d love to speak to you about your own requirements.