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Web Design from Flying Flounder

Beautiful, individual, responsive websites.  Also available with the power of CMS, ecommerce, product databases, image galleries and dynamic pages.  We specialise in producing an attractive, functional, robust website which matches your needs and budget.  Prices start from just £250 for a finished site.

Fully compliant with HTML5 and CSS3 standards, mobile-friendly responsive designs designed to look good on all platforms, with SEO optimisation built in, we can provide all the tools to showcase your enterprise on the web!

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  • Fully-featured product brochure site
  • Contemporary, responsive design makes a bold statement
  • A retro feel for this specialist local company
  • Successful e-commerce with style
  • A showroom site with CMS
  • A picture-led brochure site for this specialist construction company
  • Quirky styling for this simple website for a true local product
  • Simplicity with Wordpress
  • Wordpress CMS at a bargain price