Help with GDPR

Ok, I have weakened!  I resisted the temptation to harp on about GDPR for a long time.  Now in the week of the enactment of the UK law I find myself writing about it.  Why?

Frankly I have been quite nauseated by the feeding frenzy exibited by IT distributors and consultants generally relating to this new data protection law.  The scent of blood in the water is just too much for many it seems and the idea that they can swoop in and make mega bucks from a poor frightened client is just too much for them!

Let me say right now we are not after your blood, nor more than a reasonable amount of your money.  We are in a position to help you with your GDPR compliance with respect to the IT matters it touches upon.  We can help you secure your emails and your PCs and servers.  Encryption is not mandated by GDPR but it will never be a bad thing to be able to say in your defence that it had been implemented should a data breach ever occur.

Solutions, not snake oil.

Please drop me a line with your requirements outlined.