Remote IT Support – How we do it

Remote support is a great tool which we use all of the time in supporting our customers.  It is important though that you know how we do it and that it is safe, since bogus remote support can be used by scammers to rip you off.

Here is how we do it safely:

We only use RealVNC VNCviewer.  We pay an annual subscription and this makes available to us their “instant support” tool.

We call you ask you to visit their website and download a “one-time” application.

You run the apllication, nothing is installed on your device.

The application asks you to suppply a nine digit code – we supply that from our end, via the phone.

You see a privacy warning – we are accessing your machine so please close down anything you don’t wish us to see.

In a moment we have access to your machine.  We can move the cursor around, open applications and files but we can’t change anything – another step is required for that and we will not ask for that unless it is required.

At any time, either side can shut down the session and nothing is left on your device besides the inbitial download which, of course, you can delete but is often pays to keep it for future use.

We will never ask you for passwords or financial details, and you should never divulge them to anyone.

I trust this helps you understand the process of remote support, and how we make it safe for you.