WiFi in the potting shed

Or the polytunnel, tool store, wood cabin, holiday cottage, barn, studio, ty bach, or whatever.

Here is the scenario; you have decent internet in the house but you find that the wirless hub that came with it just doesn’t reach itself through the 2 feet of granite, tin sheets, cob walls or straw bales.

Who you gonna call?  Well us of course!

We have providing local homes and businesses with wireless bridges for some years now and we have learned the ins and outs, plusses and minuses and common pitfalls, so you don’t have to.

We can set you up with such a bridge between your house/office and external building.  It is not, now, uber expensive and we always take a care for the finshed installation, including essential kit such as lightning protectors, so you’ll be safe as well as connected.

Please contat us for details.